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6 Ways to Prevent Your Pets from Getting Lost

6 Ways to Prevent Your Pets from Getting Lost
July 2, 2024

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, and for good reason. According to the American Kennel Club, more pets go missing during the 4th of July weekend than any other time of the year. Backyard parties, loud fireworks, and vacations are prime opportunities during the summer months for our furry friends to wander away and find themselves lost. 

As a responsible pet owner, there are measures you can put in place now to prevent your dog or cat from being put in a dangerous situation. Here are six things you can do right now to keep your pet companion by your side all summer long.

Teach the simple commands: “Come” and “Stay”

Working with a certified dog trainer or cat behavior specialist is an invaluable investment towards preventing your pet from getting lost, especially if you have a pet that can’t help but dart out of the door any chance it gets! Many pets can also learn these simple commands with at home dog training. As an added plus, training your pet provides your pet with important mental stimulation and engaging entertainment to quell boredom, which can often lead to exploring the world “beyond the fence” in the first place!

Use Technology for Identification and Tracking

If your pet ever becomes lost, a microchip can help you reunite with them as quickly as possible. When a lost animal is found and taken to a veterinary hospital or shelter, one of the first things the staff will do is scan the pet for a microchip. Microchips are implanted beneath the skin and give pets a permanent ID number. As long as your registration information is up to date, the chip manufacturer can get in touch with you. Another great tool you can use in addition to a microchip is a GPS-enabled pet collar or Apple Air Tag collar attachment. In the unfortunate event your pet is feeling a little too adventurous, a GPS collar will track your lost pet using your mobile phone. 

Be mindful of pets during events

Summer events like backyard barbeques and fireworks can pose a threat to your pet getting lost. Fireworks and other loud noises can send pets running, and a door or fence left open by a party guest can easily get your dog into trouble. Find a quiet and enclosed space for your pet to relax during the party so both of you can enjoy some summer fun.

Use a leash and harness

Leashes are a simple prevention method that is often overlooked, especially by cat owners. If your pet easily wriggles out of its collar, use a harness instead to prevent any escapes during walks. A properly fitted harness will be snug, but make sure you can fit two fingers under the straps to prevent it from being too tight. Beyond walks, make sure to utilize your pet’s leash and harness while enjoying any outdoor activities.

Secure your yard

Ensure your yard is safe for your pets by regularly inspecting the gates and searching for any would-be escape routes. If you see any weak spots in your fencing, repair them immediately. When you aren’t at home, keep your pet indoors where they will be the most secure. 

Putting these prevention methods in place can prevent your pet from getting lost and will ensure a quick reunion if you ever get separated. Call us today at (412) 655-8710 to make an appointment for microchipping, a behavior consultation, or anything else your pet needs to stay safe all summer long.